Data Quality Metadata

InfoLibrarian™ repository and software tools help capture and manage data quality metadata to help with the processes involved in ensuring the conformance of data values to business requirements and acceptance criteria
The first step in improving the quality of enterprise data is to understand it completely and fully, making sure it conforms to company and industry standards. Metadata analysis can help identify root causes for poor data quality.
Many organizations must reverse engineer their business rules before they can determine what is happening to the data. Storing this information in spreadsheets simply won't cut it. It needs to be in a format that can be governed, managed and queried.

Data Quality Metadata Includes

  • Policies and Process
  • Mission statement
  • Guiding Principles
  • Work flows
  • Best Practices
  • Role descriptions

Follow the links below to see how InfoLibrarian™ can help you to capture and manages data quality metadata.

Business Metadata
InfoLibrarian Software

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InfoLibrarian Server™

Leveraging, managing and presenting metadata with the InfoLibrarian Metadata Management Framework™
Includes topics on Metadata Itegration, Business Metadata, Custom Metadata, Taxonomies and Lineage.
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