Data Warehouse Metadata

It is a common belief that in order for the data warehouse to be successful, it must be metadata driven.
Our beginnings here at InfoLibrarian™ started with the data warehouse back in the 90's. We knew then and still believe today, that organizations will benefit from a comprehensive view of their metadata, and of metadata management.
InfoLibrarian's software was first released to address the need for metadata for the data warehouse, today; our products address the full range of purposes to deliver reliable metadata, especially for the data warehouse.

Typical Data Warehouse Metadata


  • Source system and target system table mappings.
  • Destination schema.
  • Routines and scripts scheduling, mode of running.
  • Routine version and location.
  • Automated extract tool settings, if applicable.
  • Quality reconciliation and control routines.

Dimension Table Management Metadata

  • Dimensional models.
  • Dimensional schema info.
  • Slowly changing dimension policies for each incoming descriptive attribute.
  • Surrogate key assignment rule and counters.

Transformation and Metadata

  • Business specifications of the transformation rules.
  • Source to destination mappings.
  • Location of the transformation Scripts.
  • Staging area schema.
  • Load scripts, schedule and location.

Metadata for Job Control and Audit Logs as well as Documentation

  • Data lineage and audit records (where exactly did this record come from and when?).
  • Data Extraction, transform, loading run time logs, success summaries, and time stamps.
  • Data transform software version numbers.
  • Security settings for extract files, extract software, and extract metadata.
  • Security settings for data transmission (i.e., passwords, certificates).
  • Data staging area archive logs and recovery procedures.
  • Data staging archive security settings.

DBMS Metadata

  • DBMS system table contents.
  • Partition settings.
  • Indexes.
  • DBMS-level security privileges and grants.
  • View definitions.
  • Stored procedures and SQL administrative scripts.
  • Backup procedures and backup security.

Business Metadata

  • Business names and descriptions for columns, tables, groupings, and so on.
  • Canned query and report definitions.
  • Default join specification tool settings.
  • Bi tools metadata.
  • Reporting tools metadata.
  • Where used reports for data elements, tables, views, and reports.

Follow the links below to see how InfoLibrarian™ can help you to capture and manages data warehouse metadata.

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