Metadata Management and Data Governance is our Business

When it comes to metadata, we provide the metadata repository, portal, software tools, skills, and years of expertise to help you take advantage of the hidden value of your metadata buried within your IT infrastructure. We don't stop there, InfoLibrarian™ leads the industry in assembling business metadata to help you with your enterprise business glossaries, data dictionaries, business terms, business rules, taxonomies, valid values, data governance, master data, and data quality metadata.

The process of gathering and managing metadata can also be simply described as cataloging. Metadata is used to describe and provide the knowledge necessary to manage, maintain and enhance our technology environments. InfoLibrarian™ is the leading metadata repository and portal solution for integrating, managing, and publishing metadata across the enterprise.

InfoLibrarian reduces integration and management costs by providing a "card catalog" style metadata management and governance system to manage information assets, mappings and semantics relating to hardware, software, processes and data.

InfoLibrarian™ captures and manages all types of metadata from one or more metadata repositories and 3rd party tools. Metadata can then be published using our portals or to your tools via simple queries or web services in the cloud.

Managing Your
Islands of Information...

InfoLibrarian™ software governs, catalogs, stores
and manages metadata before your
mission critical documentation is lost forever.

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Connect the dots between Data
Processes and Code

  • Find information faster
  • Perform impact analysis
  • Document your information assets
  • Search documentation across all your tools

InfoLibrarian Software™

Saves up to 30-40% of employees time

Finding the information to do their jobs

InfoLibrarian™ solves the key problem of finding documentation
about data, business rules, processes and code.

InfoLibrarian reduces integration and management costs by providing a "Card Catalog"
style metadata registry system to manage information assets, mappings and semantics
documentation relating to hardware, software, processes and data...

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Drive your Data Governance Program
Forward with the InfoLibrarian Roadmap™

  • Manage business glossaries and taxonomies
  • Manage reference data and valid values
  • Capture governance policies and rules
  • Collaborate on changes

What Others Are Saying

"InfoLibrarian finds the needle..." - Fujifilm Inc.

  • "The InfoLibrarian Metadata Repository™ has eased the pain for
    our users to access and consume the data needed
    for their daily operations."

- University of Arizona

Metadata Management Repository Case Study Customer Testimonials

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  • InfoLibrarian Corporation Clients - Bank Of Montreal Financial Group
  • InfoLibrarian Corporation Clients - Standard and Poors
  • InfoLibrarian Corporation Clients - Citibank
  • InfoLibrarian Corporation Clients - Western Power of Australia
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