InfoLibrarian Metadata Adapters™

InfoLibrarian Metadata Adapters™

InfoLibrarian Metadata Adapters™ for third party tools.
InfoLibrarian™ metadata adapters capture metadata from diverse sources and load the metadata into the InfoLibrarian Repository™.

The adapters can be later scheduled to re-run and capture changes that have occurred over time. This makes all your Metadata available via the portal, or for reporting from virtually any third party reporting tool.

In addition to the ability to scan for metadata, the adapters themselves can be queried in real-time using the InfoLibrarian Open Services Framework™ to create robust extensions at any time. Adapter templates are available, giving you the ability to maintain and customize your adapters in the future.

Scanning Performance and Load

The InfoLibrarian Metadata Adapters™ were designed to perform in the most demanding environments and are capable of scanning millions of objects. The adapters have a small footprint and show negligible performance impact against the sources they scan. The Auto-Scanner is fully multi-threaded taking advantage of SMP hardware. Adjustments can be made to the batch size for the queries that run against your source systems, giving you full control in minimizing any impact on your production systems. Our adapters have been deployed in some of the largest production I.T. environments against hundreds of servers.

InfoLibrarian Universal Mapper™ - Automated Metadata Stitching

The InfoLibrarian Metadata Mapper™ generates and automates the process of stitching or chaining scanned metadata objects from different sources. The mapper defines the linkages between two scanned sources and allows those linkages to be automatically generated when re-scans run. The result facilitates visual lineage via the portal.

InfoLibrarian Universal Import Adapter™

The InfoLibrarian Metadata Import Adapter™ allows you to import metadata from Microsoft Excel and other OLEDB compliant data sources. Each import source is treated as table data and can be mapped to InfoLibrarian™ objects interactively.

Universal Excel Loader Template

The Universal Excel metadata loader template allows you to utilize Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheets, Excel macros and a pre-created scanning mapping macro to load metadata from virtually any source into the InfoLibrarian Repository™. The Excel templates are easy to use and are ideal for non-programmers to create loaders for metadata into the Universal MetaMart™. Users quickly learn the easy to use template.

Visual Basic and C# .Net Metadata Loader Templates

The Visual Basic metadata loader template allows you to utilize Visual Basic to create adapters or Metadata loaders from pre-created, easy to use, templates. The template utilizes the InfoLibrarian™ scanning engine API, providing programmers with a fast track to developing robust custom loaders and adapters to extend your InfoLibrarian™ solution. The .Net templates are available for C# developers.

Creating loaders in other languages such as C++ and Java

The adapter API Reference contains fully documented code samples for Visual Basic, C++ and Java.

Custom adapters not in the list

InfoLibrarian Corporation™ can quickly develop custom adapters for virtually any source for you. Typically we will quote you a fixed price for each adapter we develop for you.

InfoLibrarian Custom Adapter Toolkit™

The InfoLibrarian Custom Adapter Toolkit™ provides you with adapter templates that allow you to quickly and easily develop your own custom metadata adapters. The toolkit provides the basic templates for OLEDB and file systems files which allow you to quickly modify the simple mapping template to create unlimited custom adapters.

For I.T. experts looking to access non-relational and legacy enterprise data and metadata

In many cases several OLEDB drivers are available for your legacy sources, if you do not already have one. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in finding one.

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Ingest, manage and present metadata with the InfoLibrarian Metadata Management Framework™.
Includes all features for Metadata Itegration, Business Metadata, Custom Metadata, Taxonomies and Lineage.

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