InfoLibrarian Metadata Integration Adapters™

Capture, Document & Manage Visio Metadata


InfoLibrarian Metadata Adapter™ for Visio

Adpapter Type : design-tools

Adapter Category : Files

Adapter : InfoLibrarian Search Appliance™

Adapter Description : This metadata source is unstructured metadata, data or content, the file or document may be indexed using a search engine such as the InfoLibrarian Search Appliance™. If the file or document is clear text, you can also use the InfoLibrarian Universal File Scanner™ to capture the text and metadata properties withing the InfoLibrarian Repository™. See Universal Adapters for more info.

InfoLibrarian Metadata Adapter™ for Visio

Adpapter Type : design-tool

Adapter Category : Design Tool

Adapter : InfoLibrarian Universal XMI Scanner™

Adapter Description : Via XMI files metadata can be loaded into the InfoLibrarian Repository™

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InfoLibrarian Server™

Ingest, manage and present metadata with the InfoLibrarian Metadata Management Framework™.
Includes all features for Metadata Itegration, Business Metadata, Custom Metadata, Taxonomies and Lineage.

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