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Metadata Management

Building a Strong Foundation for Data Governance

Metadata management is a crucial aspect of data governance, providing the foundation for managing and comprehending an organization's data assets. It includes collecting, documenting, and maintaining metadata, which comprises data element characteristics and relationships. Effective metadata management ensures that data are well understood, shared, and utilized across the organization, enabling better decision-making, data quality improvement, and compliance with regulatory requirements. As metadata management and data governance solution experts, we offer advanced technologies and services to help organizations optimize their data assets and achieve their business objectives.

Modern Data Catalogs

Overcoming the Challenges of Enterprise Metadata Management & Integration

Enterprises today face a multitude of challenges in managing their data assets, particularly in modern hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Modern data catalogs have been designed to address some of these challenges, but their integration and implementation can be time-consuming, and result in a disjointed workflow that people are reluctant to use.

Our solution provider understands these challenges and has years of experience in enterprise metadata management and data governance. Our consulting approach uses InfoLibrarian's Minimal Viable Metadata™ MVM, a framework developed from the successes and failures in enterprise metadata integration initiatives spanning 20 years, to help companies achieve real value with metadata management in enterprise environments.

Metadata Management Framework

Achieving Real Business Value for your Enterprise

We offer a comprehensive solution that includes both metadata management and integration consulting services to achieve effective data governance. By partnering with us, enterprises can streamline their workflows, and maximize their value through tailored solutions.

Our Metadata Management Framework™ is supported by cutting-edge tools and methods, which streamline metadata governance initiatives, and optimize data assets' potential, delivering real business value. With our approach, enterprises can achieve effective data governance and overcome the complexities of modern data infrastructure to maximize their data's full potential.

Metadata Management | Consulting | Metadata Management Framework™ Solution

Metadata Management and Data Governance

Professional Services Consulting

Metadata for Modern Data & Analytics

Our metadata integration services enable organizations to unlock the full potential of their data assets, build metadata-driven smart big data and ML pipelines using open metadata standards, and stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving data landscape. Our advanced technologies automate metadata cataloging, enabling knowledge workers to gain self-service insight into data science and advanced analytics. We provide a powerful metadata management framework that allows for democratized discovery of data assets, impact and data lineage analysis, cataloging, and stewardship of on-premises and cloud big data sources.

Data Governance & Stewardship Mentors

As your data governance and stewardship mentors, we guide your organization in best practices for managing and optimizing your data assets. Our comprehensive approach focuses on key areas such as metadata management, data quality, data lineage, data cataloging, data classification, and compliance to ensure better decision-making, improved data quality, and regulatory compliance. By employing our proven methodologies, tools, and techniques, we streamline your data management processes and help you take control of your data to achieve your business goals with confidence.

Metadata for Machine Learning & AI

Our metadata integration services extend to metadata for machine learning and AI, where we help organizations use advanced technologies to uncover hidden value in their data assets. With our InfoLibrarian™ solution, we can design and implement a successful machine learning pipeline strategy to optimize your data assets. By leveraging our services, you can unlock hidden value in volumes of data, monitor trends, surface patterns, and gain actionable business insights.

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"Within days of implementing the InfoLibrarian solution, we began reaping the benefits. InfoLibrarian finds the needle! ... Its like automatic documentation!"

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"InfoLibrarian Corporation provided three major points that fit perfectly. Timeframe, Efficiency, Cost and POC results."

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