InfoLibrarian Powers
Intelligent Data Pipelines

  • Capture system-to-system schemas and data mappings
  • Manage pipeline business rules for continuous intelligence
  • Govern data sets and tribal knowledge in data catalogs
  • Deliver augmented analytics, machine learning, and AI


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Hybrid Cloud Data Catalog

InfoLibrarian™ presents modern, intelligent, integrated data catalog solutions in the cloud. Significantly reduce integration challenges when managing complex data, which demands managing data dictionaries, data mappings and semantics of these data. This activity is most commonly done with spreadsheets and documents which are manual and difficult to keep up to date.

InfoLibrarian™ technologies automate the cataloging of metadata from hundreds of data sources and expose necessary documentation, allowing knowledge workers to gain insight for self-service busines intelligence (BI) and data science driven advanced analytics. Reduce the impact on IT professionals by providing greater understanding and confidence they have the right data.

Data Catalog Use Cases

  • Discovery of data assets
  • Perform impact and lineage analysis
  • Catalog on-premises and big data sources
  • Access catalog in real time via web portal
  • Manage business glossaries and taxonomies
  • Collaboratively enrich content via web portal
  • Publish metadata registry as a service

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Intelligent Data Pipeline

Shift from Traditional ETL (Extract Transform and Load)

Traditional ETL processes are fragile, inherently resource intensive, and difficult to maintain and test. Building modern big data piplelines requires a paradigm shift and focus on curation and purification of data for analytics.

Fix Data Problems within the Pipeline

Applying governance rules, intelligent schema services and machine learning to our data pipeline reduces complexity and provides a central point of management of the data curation process. Furthermore, rules can be uniformly administered and applied in a consistent manner.


Modern pipelines deliver gold standard data to data science and analytics workers. InfoLibrarian’s experienced team of architects and engineers will design, build and augment your intelligent data pipeline. Let us help drive your analytics projects to success!

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Drive Efficient Data Platform Migrations

Get Your Arms Around Your Data Mappings

Data mapping is arguably the most important design step in data migration, data integration, and analytics projects. Accurately mapping source data to target data greatly impacts project success and is critical for communications among project stakeholders. Understanding complex data transformations is essential for systems integrators as source data is often in an inconsistent format or structure for target systems.

  • Robust data mappings tools
  • Automated schema cataloging
  • Customizable adapters
  • Impact analyis and data lineage
  • Taxonomy classification

Development and integration teams must design and implement code for the mapping operations required to convert the data from one form to another. See how InfoLibrarian’s turnkey solutions can immediately catalog and manage your data mappings to provide rich documentation, impact and lineage analysis.

Big Data Engineering & Analytics

Professional Services

Data & Analytics Expertise

Our cross-functional team of architects, data scientists, big data engineers and integration experts apply best practices, delivering world class big data consulting and big data engineering services to positively impact business value and return on investment (ROI).

Data Governance Integration Services

Integrate and leverage the powerful impact analysis, data lineage and governance capabilities within your pipelines. Cloud data catalogs and metadata tools support compliance of business and operational data sets in real time.

Data Science - Machine Learning & AI

Use AI and machine learning to unlock hidden value in volumes of data. Monitor trends and surface patterns for actionable business results. InfoLibrarian™ will help design and implement a successful AI and machine learning pipeline strategy.

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Data Governance

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Data Science & Analytics

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Knowledgeable and Truthful
"Our group was very impressed with InfoLibrarian. Even more we were impressed with InfoLibrarian's knowledge and truthful answers to our questions"

- United Postal Service

Reaping Benefits

"Within days of implementing the InfoLibrarian solution, we began reaping the benefits. InfoLibrarian finds the needle! ... Its like automatic documentation!"

- Fujifilm Inc

Results Fit Perfectly

"InfoLibrarian Corporation provided three major points that fit perfectly. Timeframe, Efficiency, Cost and POC results."

- US Food Services

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  • InfoLibrarian Corporation Clients - A&E Television Networks
  • InfoLibrarian Corporation Clients - Sabre Holdings
  • InfoLibrarian Corporation Clients - Fidelity Investments
  • InfoLibrarian Corporation Clients - Bank Of Montreal Financial Group
  • InfoLibrarian Corporation Clients - Citibank
  • InfoLibrarian Corporation Clients - Standard and Poors
  • InfoLibrarian Corporation Clients - ADP
  • InfoLibrarian Corporation Clients - United Health Care
  • InfoLibrarian Corporation Clients - Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • InfoLibrarian Corporation Clients - DHS
  • InfoLibrarian Corporation Clients - Department of Navy Maryland
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