Big Data Needs Metadata Management

Effective metadata management is essential for managing big data. In fact, up to 80% of the effort involved in dealing with data is cleaning it up in the first place. With large, complex, and multisourced data sets, metadata becomes even more critical for accurate interpretation and effective governance. Clear and easily interpreted metadata at a basic level is crucial for enterprise-wide use.

Don't let messy data hinder your big data initiatives - implement InfoLibrarian's metadata management solutions to streamline your processes and improve your data quality.

Empower your Big Data Success with Expert Solutions

In addition, traditional approaches to metadata management and data governance may not be sufficient for big data environments, which require more agile and flexible solutions. Key pain points in governing and managing metadata in big data environments include issues around data quality, data lineage, data integration, and ensuring that metadata is clear, accurate, and easily interpreted.

To tackle these challenges, organizations can benefit from working with experienced thought leaders and consultants who can provide guidance and best practices for metadata management and data governance in big data environments.

We have extensive experience working with metadata ecosystems on major cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. Our team has deep knowledge and expertise with the metadata management tools and technologies offered by these platforms, as well as experience working with the Apache and open source data catalog ecosystems. With our broad understanding of the diverse tooling landscape and vendor solutions available, we can help organizations navigate the challenges of implementing effective data catalogs in big data environments. By leveraging our expertise, organizations can ensure that their metadata management practices are optimized for their specific needs and goals, while also taking full advantage of the capabilities of the platforms and tools they have chosen.

Infolibrarian™ offers expert consulting services to help organizations optimize their metadata and data governance practices, ensuring that their big data initiatives are successful and deliver real business value.

InfoLibrarian Professional Services Consulting

Big Data Dimensions

  • Volume of data is growing into the terabytes and petabyes.
  • Velocity required to retrieve and anlalyze the data must be quick.
  • Variety of data spans structured and un-structured data accross the enterprise and in different locations and toolsets.

Follow the links below to see how InfoLibrarian™ can help you to capture and manage enterprise metadata.

Metadata Management & Data Governance Consulting
InfoLibrarian Metadata Management Framework™ Solution

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