Business Metadata & Semantics | Business Glossary & Lineage with InfoLibrarian™

InfoLibrarian™ provides a rich set of tools for managing and publishing enterprise business metadata, automating, classifying and mapping business glossary definitions to existing data, applications and processes.
Business metadata management allows companies to capture documentation within a business glossary of terms. These terms are in turn mapped to the systems, applications and major process names to form a 50,000 foot view of technology environments from a business point of view.

How a Business Glossary Supports Effective Data Governance and Quality

A business glossary is a centralized repository of business terms and their definitions. It provides a shared understanding of business terminology across an organization, helping to eliminate misunderstandings and inconsistencies in data usage. The main capabilities of a business glossary include defining business terms and their relationships, mapping those terms to data elements and processes, and providing a clear understanding of how the business uses data.

While enterprise glossaries serve as a high-level overview of business terminology, data dictionaries and point system data catalogs are built to address specific technical needs related to data engineering, ETL, or big data processing systems. Enterprise glossaries, on the other hand, are focused on the business context of data usage, ensuring that all stakeholders have a common understanding of the meaning and usage of critical business data.

Business Glossaries

By integrating business glossaries with data lineage and data governance processes, organizations can ensure that data is used consistently and effectively across the enterprise. This can help to improve decision-making, reduce the risk of errors and inconsistencies, and ultimately drive better business outcomes.

Business Metadata Management & Semantics: Enabling Effective Data Governance

The Importance of Business Metadata Management

Business metadata management is a crucial aspect of effective data governance, as it provides organizations with a means of understanding the context and meaning of data within a business context. At the heart of business metadata management is the business glossary, a repository of business terms, definitions, and relationships. By standardizing business terms and definitions, organizations can ensure consistency and accuracy in their use of data, helping to eliminate confusion and misunderstandings.

Understanding Data Flow with Business Data Lineage

Business data lineage is another essential component of business metadata management, enabling organizations to understand how data flows through different systems and processes. Tracking data lineage allows organizations to trace the flow of data from its origin to its destination, identifying potential data quality issues along the way. This information can then be used to implement data quality controls and improve overall data governance.

Differences between Business Lineage and Technical Lineage

One significant difference between business lineage and technical lineage is that business lineage presents data flows at a high level, in a business context, while technical lineage provides more granular details about the technical components involved in moving data. Both types of lineage are vital for effective data governance, as they offer different perspectives on data flow and usage.

Benefits of Using InfoLibrarian for Business Metadata Management

robust business metadata management program that includes a business glossary and business data lineage is essential for ensuring effective data governance and high data quality. Properly managing and documenting business metadata can reduce the risk of data errors, improve collaboration among stakeholders, and ultimately lead to better business decisions based on trustworthy and authoritative data.

InfoLibrarian™ offers a suite of tools for managing and publishing enterprise business metadata, including tools for creating and managing business glossaries, taxonomies, and stewardship. With a web-based interface for contribution and change management, organizations can collaborate on and refine their business metadata, creating clear visual maps that show the interrelationships between different data points within their IT systems. By incorporating InfoLibrarian™ into their metadata management strategies, organizations can enhance their data governance, ensuring that their data is accurate, trustworthy, and effectively managed.

Metadata Management & Data Governance Consulting | InfoLibrarian Metadata Management Framework™ Solution

Unlock the Power of Business Metadata with InfoLibrarian's Solution

InfoLibrarian offers a comprehensive business metadata management solution that includes creating and managing business glossaries, taxonomies, and semantic models. The web-based platform enables collaboration and change management of terms, definitions, and synonyms, providing graphical representations and visual lineage maps to illustrate relationships between data points. The platform also offers rich enterprise metadata classification, automation of mappings, and the ability to map from logical views of system models through to enterprise systems of record that produce data for the business.

Key features of the platform include the ability to manage business metadata elements such as :

  • Business Terms
  • Rules
  • Calculations
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Data Quality Metrics
  • Data Governance Rules
  • Governance Policies
  • Regulatory Compliance PII, PHI, GDPR

The platform provides answers to important questions :

  • Data Validity
  • Stewardship
  • Source
  • Quality
  • Analysis Suitability
  • Currency
  • Single version of the truth

Don't settle for confusing and inconsistent data. Build a comprehensive business glossary with InfoLibrarian™ and take your data management to the next level.

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Metadata Management & Data Governance Consulting
InfoLibrarian Metadata Management Framework™ Solution

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