Unlock Data Warehouse Value by Optimizing Metadata Management

Metadata management is a critical component of a successful data warehouse. At InfoLibrarian™, we have been at the forefront of metadata management since the 90s, providing organizations with the tools they need to optimize their data warehouse strategy. Our software delivers reliable metadata, ensuring the success and performance of your data warehouse. With InfoLibrarian™, you can gain a 360-degree view of your metadata, empowering you to govern your data with confidence and make informed decisions. Don't settle for less than optimal metadata management, contact us today to unlock the full potential of your data warehouse.

Achieve Data Warehouse & MDM Success

InfoLibrarian™ provides reliable and efficient metadata management solutions for data warehousing, helping organizations to achieve better data governance and improve the quality of their data. Our software has been specifically designed to address the complex and ever-changing metadata requirements of modern data warehouses.

By implementing our metadata management solutions, our customers have experienced significant improvements in data quality and governance, which in turn leads to better decision-making and improved business outcomes. Our products enable users to easily classify metadata with taxonomy management and controlled vocabularies, ensuring accurate and consistent terminology for improved searchability. Metadata plays a crucial role in data warehousing, as it provides the necessary context for understanding and utilizing data. Without proper metadata management, data can become unmanageable and unusable, leading to poor decision-making and wasted resources. .

Our software helps organizations to effectively manage their metadata, ensuring that it is accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible. With experience in data warehousing on-premise and in the cloud, we can help unlock metadata in both legacy and modern systems. Let our team of experts assist you in optimizing your metadata management for your data warehouse

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you optimize your metadata management for your data warehouse.

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Typical Data Warehouse Metadata


  • Source system and target system table mappings.
  • Destination schema.
  • Routines and scripts scheduling, mode of running.
  • Routine version and location.
  • Automated extract tool settings, if applicable.
  • Quality reconciliation and control routines.

Dimension Table Management Metadata

  • Dimensional models.
  • Dimensional schema info.
  • Slowly changing dimension policies for each incoming descriptive attribute.
  • Surrogate key assignment rule and counters.

Transformation and Metadata

  • Business specifications of the transformation rules.
  • Source to destination mappings.
  • Location of the transformation Scripts.
  • Staging area schema.
  • Load scripts, schedule and location.

Metadata for Job Control and Audit Logs as well as Documentation

  • Data lineage and audit records (where exactly did this record come from and when?).
  • Data Extraction, transform, loading run time logs, success summaries, and time stamps.
  • Data transform software version numbers.
  • Security settings for extract files, extract software, and extract metadata.
  • Security settings for data transmission (i.e., passwords, certificates).
  • Data staging area archive logs and recovery procedures.
  • Data staging archive security settings.

DBMS Metadata

  • DBMS system table contents.
  • Partition settings.
  • Indexes.
  • DBMS-level security privileges and grants.
  • View definitions.
  • Stored procedures and SQL administrative scripts.
  • Backup procedures and backup security.

Business Metadata

  • Business names and descriptions for columns, tables, groupings, and so on.
  • Canned query and report definitions.
  • Default join specification tool settings.
  • Bi tools metadata.
  • Reporting tools metadata.
  • Where used reports for data elements, tables, views, and reports.

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