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Metadata Management & Data Governance Consulting

InfoLibrarian™ - Unleashing Metadata's Value
InfoLibrarian solves unique and difficult metadata integration challenges. We tailor our methodologies to individual client needs and use open standards and frameworks to manage metadata from different data catalog tools and silos. Our expertise extends to integrating metadata across complex hybrid environments. Working with us and our strategic partners brings high levels of customer satisfaction, including management consulting, metadata integration, stewardship programs, tailored solutions, and training. Trust us to help you unlock the value of your metadata assets and improve your data governance and stewardship.
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    Executive Managment Consulting

    At InfoLibrarian, we understand that executives need a comprehensive understanding of their organization's data governance and metadata management strategies. That's why we offer executive consulting services to help map out these strategies and programs. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with executives to identify their organization's metadata requirements, assess the effectiveness of current metadata management practices, and develop a roadmap for implementing best practices. Our executive consulting services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization and provide executives with the information they need to make informed decisions about their data governance and metadata management initiatives. Trust InfoLibrarian™ to help you establish a solid foundation for effective data governance and metadata management.

    Modern Data & Analytics - Data Science & Engineering

    In today's data-driven world, achieving BI, advanced analytics, ML, and AI objectives is essential for businesses to stay competitive. However, one of the most significant barriers to achieving these objectives is the lack of data understandability. With the vast amounts of data generated every day, it can be challenging to ensure that data is properly understood, especially in complex data ecosystems. That's where our Metadata Stewardship First Approach comes in. We can help you establish and maintain data understandability for your modern data and analytics use cases, including cloud data analytics, data warehousing, data lakes, and data science initiatives. Trust us to provide the expertise and guidance you need to unlock the full potential of your data assets and achieve your data-driven objectives.

    Big Data & Big MetaData™

    Our team of expert consultants specializes in solving big data and metadata challenges through our comprehensive Big MetaData™ services. This includes the integration of cloud data catalogs and schema registries, as well as other operational, structural, and business metadata requirements. Our services cover a wide range of solutions, such as data catalog selection, proof of concepts, integration, data classification, data quality metadata, event sourcing for metadata and pipelines, custom metadata meta-models, harvesting, publishing, integration, streaming metadata, metadata-driven intelligent big data and machine learning pipelines, metadata-driven DataOps & MLOps, and Data Maturity Assessments. Trust us to unleash the potential value of your big data and metadata assets.

    Assesements & Proof of Concept Services

    At InfoLibrarian™, we are the authoritative and trusted experts in providing Discovery Roadmapping & Proof of Concept Services that lead to successful data governance and improved data quality. Our experienced team has a confident track record of delivering successful POCs, pilots, and full projects, providing valuable insights into metadata management and data governance initiatives. If you want to enhance your data capabilities and achieve success in your data governance efforts, trust our proven expertise and contact us today to start your journey towards better data governance and stewardship.

    InfoLibrarian™ offers POC and discovery roadmapping services that can be arranged by contacting

    • (Small) 80 hour - 2 weeks
    • (Medium)120 hour - 3 weeks
    • (Large) 160 hour - 4 weeks
    • Statement of work (SOW)
    • Consulting Services Retainers

    • InfoLibrarian Structured Delivery

      InfoLibrarian Corporation™ Structured Delivery

      InfoLibrarian Corporation™ and partners use an organized, methodical approach to solutions delivery. Our mission is focused on supporting our strategic customers with efficient, repeatable methods, either in an outsourced or co-managed delivery model. Our services are delivered using a consistent, structured delivery methodology and approach which allows us to come in on-time, on-budget, lower risk, and ensure your success.

      • Delivery teams, not just bodies
      • Increase odds of a successful delivery
      • Reduce risk
      • Increase architectural scalability
      • Effective management of requirements and scope
      • Increase delivery efficiencies

      Flexible Management Models

      • Outsourced
      • Co-managed
      • Expert-services staff supplementation
      • Mentoring & technology transfer

      Methodology and Approach

      • Agile
      • Waterfall
      • Hybrid
      • Solution delivery framework
      • Systems development lifecycle (SDLC)
      • Detailed project plans
      • Weekly status, variance, and milestone reports
      • No surprises – customer always in the loop
      • Full accountability

    • InfoLibrarian Enterprise Architecture Roadmap

      Enterprise Architecture

      Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the key to unlocking your organization's full potential by aligning business strategy with technology and enabling innovation. At InfoLibrarian™ and our partner firms, we specialize in creating a roadmap for your enterprise's future state, translating your business vision and strategy into an effective change management process. Our EA process identifies and improves the key requirements, principles, and models that drive your organization's evolution, producing a comprehensive understanding of your operations. By leveraging our expertise in EA, we can help you achieve your goals of efficiency, effectiveness, agility, and durability, ensuring that your organization is fully equipped to succeed in today's fast-paced and rapidly evolving business environment.

      Architecture Practice Services

      • Quick start to get the program started and produce value
      • Developing the essential elements
      • Enterprise governance and stewardship
      • Enterprise compliance
      • EA engagement and organizational commitment
      • Aligning EA with other programs and lifecycles
      • EA development practices
      • EA career paths and competency development
      • Change management
      • Enterprise knowledge management & repository strategies and plans
      • Performance analysis & optimization
      • Experience on all platforms

      Assessment Services

      • Maturity models and recommendations
      • Essential program elements and recommendations
      • Metadata Management, integration, stewardship and governance
      • Solution Architectures

      Implementation Services

      • Architecture product development and mentoring
      • Developing patterns and trends
      • Developing heat maps and roadmaps
    • Enterprise Integration

      InfoLibrarian™ and its partners specialize in complex, mission-critical, large-scale integration initiatives for enterprise-level architecture, design, and integration in real-time and continuous processing systems. Our structured delivery methodology ensures timely, cost-effective, and successful projects. Our services include integration and application development, metadata transformation and routing, standards and best practices, health checks, audits, and migrations, quick start packaged offerings, and performance analysis and optimization.

      • Enterprise level architecture, design and integration
      • ESB, architecture and design
      • Integration and application development
      • Operations, administration, and configuration
      • Metadata transformation and routing
      • Standards, guidelines, best practices
      • Health checks audits and migrations
      • Quick start packaged offerings
      • Performance analysis and optimization
      • Experience on all platforms

      Services Architecture, Real-Time, Streaming & Event-Driven Systems

      • Services enable the capabilities of the enterprise and provide the method for achieving agility and adaptability
      • Everything as a service (EaaS), microservices, streaming & serverless architectures
      • Enterprise services bus & event hub design patterns
      • Big data and data science pipelines design patterns, streaming & batch
      • ELT vs ETL and data orchestration design patterns
    • Custom Development

      At InfoLibrarian™, we understand that every business has unique needs. That's why we offer custom development solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our expert staff includes certified developers, IT professionals, project managers, software engineers, architects, and designers who specialize in metadata integration and management. With our agile approach, we can deliver flexible and efficient solutions that jump-start your custom development projects.

      Custom Development Services

      • Custom metadta integration
      • Cloud custom integration
      • Workflow driven integration
      • Metadata driven intelligent pipeline integrations
      • Metadata registries
      • Metadata publishing
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