InfoLibrarian Metadata Integration Adapters™

Capture, Document & Manage CIFS Metadata


InfoLibrarian Metadata Adapter™ for CIFS

Adpapter Type : file-systems

Adapter Category : file-systems

Adapter : InfoLibrarian Universal File Scanner™

Adapter Description : The Common Internet File System (CIFS), also known as Server Message Block (SMB), is a network protocol whose most common use is sharing files on a Local Area Network (LAN). The protocol allows a client to manipulate files just as if they were on the local computer. Operations such as read, write, create, delete, and rename are all supported � the only difference being that the files are not on the local computer and are actually on a remote server. The CIFS protocol is most commonly used with Microsoft operating systems when accessing data on a NAS or SAN. InfoLibrarian Universal File Adapter™ can scan, import and document files from CIFS shares.

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