InfoLibrarian Metadata Integration Adapters™

Capture, Document & Manage ODBC Metadata


InfoLibrarian Metadata Adapter™ for ODBC

Adpapter Type : ODBC

Adapter Category : DBMS Relational Catalog

Adapter : InfoLibrarian OLEDB Universal Scanner™

Adapter Description : Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is Microsoft's strategic interface for accessing data in a heterogeneous environment of relational and non- relational database management systems. Based on the Call Level Interface specification of the SQL Access Group, ODBC provides an open, vendor- neutral way of accessing data stored in a variety of proprietary personal computer, minicomputer, and mainframe databases. ODBC alleviates the need for independent software vendors and corporate developers to learn multiple application programming interfaces. ODBC now provides a universal data access interface. With ODBC, application developers can allow an application to concurrently access, view, and modify data from multiple, diverse databases. InfoLibrarian ODBC Adapter™ allows you to scan, import and capture metadata from ODBC data sources.

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