InfoLibrarian Metadata Integration Adapters™

Capture, Document & Manage OLEDB-Information-Schema Metadata


InfoLibrarian Metadata Adapter™ for OLEDB-Information-Schema

Adpapter Type : OLEDB

Adapter Category : DBMS and other OLEDB compliant sources

Adapter : InfoLibrarian OLEDB Universal Scanner™

Adapter Description : OLE DB is a set of COM-based interfaces that expose data from a variety of sources. OLE DB interfaces provide applications with uniform access to data stored in diverse information sources, or data stores. These interfaces support the amount of DBMS functionality appropriate to the data store, enabling the data store to share its data. OLEDB Providers are available for many database management systems, file systems and tools. The InfoLibrarian OLEDB Adapter™ fully supports the Microsoft OLEDB standard for data access. Check with your source tool to verify you have the OLEDB Provider available. If so, you can use this adapter to read metadata into the InfoLibrarian Repository™

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