InfoLibrarian Metadata Appliance™

InfoLibrarian Metadata Integration Appliance™


- Clustering Search Engine Technology

The InfoLibrarian Metadata Appliance™ takes enterprise search, classification and metadata integration to a whole new level.
Manage and synchronize metadata, documents, files, source code, and virtually any digital asset. You name it... InfoLibrarian™ catalogs it.
Hundreds of Adapters and document crawlers are available to automatically index, categorize and keep history of changes over time.
Business friendly search engine/portal to navigate auto-generated categories; perform search, impact analysis and data lineage analysis across disparate systems.
  • Security and Governance – Central role based controls for contributors and stewards of information to the repository.
  • Automation – The appliance can be setup to automatically scan, import and take point in time historical snapshots of your metadata sources. Spend less time integrating and more time building.
  • Collaboration – Allows employees to quickly and effectively contribute definitions and business terms to the InfoLibrarian metadata repository.
  • Categorization and Classification – InfoLibrarian™ delivers more than enterprise search and indexing with tools to define, import and map business terms, synonyms, as well as define or import controlled vocabularies, taxonomies and pre-defined categories.
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Features Benefits Scalability Management Real-Time-Monitor
  • InfoLibrarian Metadata Appliance™ Features

    • Web based administration, security and running configuration.
    • Administration and web portal server.
    • CD installer for InfoLibrarian Administrator™ client based enterprise metadata management suite.
    • Web based administration for the appliance including InfoLibrarian Auto Scan™ scheduler and history reports.
    • Real-time web monitoring and fully automated metadata synchronization.
    • Included three free a la carte scanners. (OLEDB Universal, Universal File Scanner, Universal XMI, Universal XML).
    • Schema for DBMS (Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2) included. Point to your DBMS.
    • Enterprise wide document indexing and search including Office documents, PDF files. Supports indexing up to one million documents per appliance.
    • 19" standard rack mountable chassis (1U).
    • LDAP compliant.
    • Support available for NAS and SAN storage.
    • Gigabit Ethernet.
    Download Data Sheet
  • InfoLibrarian Metadata Appliance™ Benefits

    • A significant reduction in integration and support costs vs. traditional metadata products.
    • Simplicity of integration into existing networks and administration via a web browser, make the InfoLibrarian Metadata Integration Appliance™ easy to use and maintain.
    • Priority support available.
    • Total cost of ownership is significantly lowered.
    • Because this is a hardware capital expense, your investment can be depreciated.
    • Bundled with InfoLibrarian Framework™ world class metadata management suite.
    • True plug-and-play compatibility.
    • Tremendous scalability by simply adding "stacking" appliances or clustering.
    • The MetaMart™ storage can be connected to a DBMS of your choice.
    • Physically secure a complete appliance that is secured and managed in your data center.
    • Appliances are cost effective and can be physically isolated for specific roles.
  • InfoLibrarian Metadata Appliance™ Scalability

    With the InfoLibrarian Metadata Appliance™, scalability and increased computing power can be accomplished by adding appliances. The key characteristic of the InfoLibrarian™ scalable solution is that increased load requires only additional hardware, rather than extensive modification of the application. The scalability of InfoLibrarian™ allows users to: expand performance by adding metadata appliances to clusters as needed. Protect existing hardware investments and develop virtually unrestricted scalability options.

    Stacking the Metadata Appliance

    InfoLibrarian™ is a highly componentized application, significant performance scalability can be easily and cost effectively achieved by dedicating multiple appliances to various roles. Under this scenario little or no configuration is required, allowing you to simply add as you grow.

    Metadata Appliance Load Balancing Technology

    InfoLibrarian’s™ load balancing allows a cluster of up to 32 individual metadata appliances to appear as a single metadata appliance. This advantage automatically distributes load among available appliances. Additionally, there is no single point of performance failure. If one metadata appliance fails, the remaining appliances pick up the additional load. This results in reduced downtime (No downtime for maintenance), and higher fault tolerance, in addition to the overall performance gain.

  • InfoLibrarian Metadata Appliance™ Management

    The web based appliance administration console, provides a full featured and robust interface to manage and automate the metadata and document scanning and snapshot synchronization schedules. Some of the features include:

    • Web based administration, security and running configuration.
    • Quick tasks for repository synchronization and maintenance such as ad-hoc snapshot generation, repository age-off, and full re-scanning.
    • Catalog manager and individual re-scan with a single click.
    • InfoLibrarian File Crawler™ web based administration for adding file locations.
    • Document Indexer real-time monitor.
    • Full control from the web to start and stop any process on the appliance.
    • Optional, remote access and monitoring by InfoLibrarian™.
    • Centralized stewardship and governance controls.
    • Central controls to enable and disable features on client administrators.
    • Audit and approval.
    • Un-delete recovery.
    • Centralized scanner and scan management.
    • Centralized multi-appliance node load balancing management
    • Bundled comprehensive electronic and hard copy documentation
    • Installation and management guides
  • InfoLibrarian Metadata Appliance™ Real-Time Monitoring

    The web based InfoLibrarian Metadata Appliance™ administration console, provides a full featured and robust interface to monitor in real-time the metadata and document scanning and snapshot synchronization schedules. Some of the features include:

    • Service monitoring for jobs fired on remote InfoLibrarian™ machines.
    • Monitoring of multiple jobs scheduled across multiple nodes.
    • Event monitoring that displays user friendly messages of completed task, warnings and errors.
    • Drill through to detail via friendly icons indicating success, errors and warnings.
    • Sort able results for ease of use.
    • Real-time status icons.
    • Object count statistics.
    • Errors and warning counts.
    • Change management metrics for differences, new objects and deleted in scan source.
    • Error log viewers.
    • Real-time file indexing monitors.
    • Scan details monitoring showing all steps actively executing within scans.
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