InfoLibrarian Metadata Mart™ Enterprise Repository Meta-Model


Enterprise Metadata Repository

The open and flexible InfoLibrarian Metadata Mart™ Repository delivers a powerful and accessible metadata object persistence layer. The InfoLibrarian Repository™, with its open meta-metamodel and simple schemas, allows direct access to metadata, while the Metadata Mart™ provides a flexible model view for easy integration, persistence and querying. .

Supported Industry Metadata Standards

Metada-Object-Facility XML-Metadata-Interchange ANSI W3C RDF Common-Warehouse-Metamodel Dublin-Core-Metadata-Initiative Dublin-Core-Metadata-Initiativets where

InfoLibrarian's Open meta-metamodel architecture allows for custom meta-models creation for each use case or customer, persisting and extending any design-time or real-time model.

Data Catalogs and Metadata Registries

InfoLibrarian supports polyglot persisence. Store your metadata in open data lake formats, Relational , NOSQL-JSON or as persisted Graph Models! Serving as the foundation of the InfoLibrarian Metadata Management Framework™, the Meta-Mart™ repository framework is ideal for deploying open metadata registries and federated data catalogs in enteprise and hybrid environments.

Metadata Repository Architecture


The metadata storage engine is an abstract, extensible, vendor neutral, meta-meta-model facility. The Repository software API engine and tools support industry standards XML and XMI for metadata interchange between tool sets. The InfoLibrarian Repository™ can be deployed on most DBMS systems, cloud storage, data lakes and more. The repository maintains the Metadata Mart™, designed to expose the metadata in a simple schema and makes it available to tools you already use in your environment.


Why Meta-Metamodel?


One size doesn't fit all, this is especially true with metadata integration and management. Designing the Infolibrarian Metadata Integration Framework to

provide the ability for users to define their own metamodels or model their own metadata is a key differentiator of the framework.


Meta-Object Facility

The Meta-Object Facility (MOF) is an Object Management Group (OMG) standard for model-driven engineering. Its purpose is to provide a type system for entities in the CORBA architecture and a set of interfaces through which those types can be created and manipulated.


Metadata Repository Scalability

The InfoLibrarian Repository™ is unmatched in performance and scalability. Build on a hybrid relational/cloud architecture, the metadata repository can scale to terabytes in size while maintaining consistent responsiveness in the most demanding environments.

Metadata Repository Documentation

The InfoLibrarian™ product software framework is bundled with comprehensive documentation. The repository schema is fully documented allowing database administrators to feel confident when deploying it in their environments.

The Universal MetaMart™ metadata repository can be deployed on any ANSI SQL compliant JDBC/ODBC DBMS systems

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