InfoLibrarian Server™

InfoLibrarian Server™ Metadata Management Software

metadata management server software
Full featured metadata management repository and portal solution.
Enable a modern metadata management platform with InfoLibrarian Server™. Get built-in integration and management capabilities and enable breakthrough insights across the organization with familiar tools and enterprise-ready solutions.
Common architecture and tools enable hybrid metadata integration infrastructures, which help move your business forward and unlock new business models. InfoLibrarian Server™ runs on the Windows server platform. Portals run on Internet Information Server IIS. The metadata repository can be installed on Oracle or SQL Server.

InfoLibrarian Server™

InfoLibrarian Server™ is InfoLibrarian’s metadata management and integration and connectivity server solution. A mature product on its fifth major release, InfoLibrarian Server™ provides a solution that allows organizations to more easily integrate and manage metadata across the enterprise. InfoLibrarian Server™ can onboard over 300 multi-platform systems within a scalable and robust scanning infrastructure.

InfoLibrarian Server™ provides connectivity to core systems and captures metadata within the enterprise repository. In addition to integration functionality, InfoLibrarian™ also provides strong business metadata management, taxonomy management, portal perspectives, change management for governance and stewardship, support for multiple metadata marts and portals, and provides a rich framework for customization of adapters and portals.

Key Components

  • Metadata Repository and Universal MetaMart™.
  • InfoLibrarian Studio™ and all components.
  • InfoLibrarian Portal™ web portal framework including business and technical portals.
  • Out of the box fully functional business and technical portal sites.
  • Change management and contribution + notifications engine for stewardship.
  • Enterprise Control Center (Web Based).
  • Customizable portal templates.
  • Collaboration features.
  • Schedulable multiprocessing Auto-Scanner.
  • Standard, XSLT and custom metadata adapters available.

Key Benefits

  • Blazing fast scans.
  • Business and technical metadata portals solve the problem of who sees what.
  • Flexible framework - out of the box you are up and running no limits on customization.
  • All the features you expect.
  • Easy installation.
  • Runs in virtual environments.
  • Stewardship capabilities.
  • Unlimited scalability.
  • Packages and cost structure to meet current and future needs.

InfoLibrarian Server™ Hardware and Software Requirements

InfoLibrarian Server™ is a Windows Server based product. InfoLibrarian Server™ is supported on most versions of the Windows Server operating systems platforms:

Server Requirements

  • Windows Server 2008R2 (x64).
  • Windows Server 2012 (x64).
  • Internet Information Services IIS 7 or Higher (Portal).
  • Windows Directory Services authentication.

Recommended Hardware Requirements

  • 4GB RAM 8GB-16GB recommended.
  • 2GB hard disk space.

Recommended Database Configuration Repository

  • 10GB Database.
  • SAS or SAN Storage.

Dependancy Requirements

  • Automated Server Installation and Deployment Utility.
  • Installation and Configuration Guide details other pre-requisites.
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