Metadata Management Return on Investment ROI

Data integration remains a major challenge for corporations, according to a recent report by The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI)
The report evaluates the progress of data integration strategies and the IT challenges associated with implementation. The study - which surveyed IT and business users across multiple industries - reports that nearly 70% of respondents identified data integration as a high inhibitor of new-application implementation.
Another Recent DMReview Article cited "ETL is part of the problem, not the solution! " and "Neglected ETL meta data management often magnify maintainability problems to the point where the entire system is pronounced throw away, a costly mistake."

Metadata ROI"Intel Finds Huge ROI in Managing Metadata. Estimates $6 in savings for every $1 spent"

Do You Struggle with These Common Problems

  • Don't have a single version of the truth or data dictionary.
  • Difficult to source information across all the toolsets.
  • Many ETL Processes and the ETL tools only complicate things further.
  • Developing new projects is painful due to lack of usable documentation.
  • There is no common understanding of business rules.
  • Diagnosing issues is a tedious process of sifting through code.
  • No glossary of business terms, calculations, rules and policies.
  • Spending too much time sourcing information to do your job.


At InfoLibrarian™ we can help you determine your return on Investment making and helping you to make the case for metadata management within your environment. Since each company is different, and the scope of their needs change, we strive, using best practice methodologies to help you establish a winning metadata, data goveranance, and stewardship program for your company.

Follow the link below to see how InfoLibrarian™ professional services can help.

InfoLibrarian Professional Services
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