InfoLibrarian Portal™

InfoLibrarian Metadata Management Portal™

The InfoLibrarian Portal™ - Metadata Management at Your Fingertips
InfoLibrarian™ is bundled with a powerful web portal that allows your users to perform searches and navigation of the organized knowledge about your information assets.
The portal is a fully functional website that you can deploy on your intranet for users to find information such as search, impact analysis, and more. The portal is bundled with rich modules such as business and technical portals, change management, contributors, and the feature rich InfoLibrarian Enterprise Control Center™.

InfoLibrarian Portal™

The portal is included with all versions of the product. The portal is used to find information by performing search, impact analysis, and lineage analysis.

InfoLibrarian Metadata Management Collaboration Portal™ Architecture

The portal is a Windows Server™ Internet Information Services™ (IIS) based application. The portal provides out of the box capabilities so you can be up and running today. The portal itself is a web framework, via templates the portal enables you to co-brand and integrate, or tailor the portal within your existing intranet application.

You can make modifications and changes to the portal templates; maintain those templates separately of the core framework, and feel comfortable that your work will never be overwritten by a future upgrade to the product. Portal customizations can be done with classic ASP, ASP.NET, VB, C#, .NET, JavaScript, or JQuery AJAX.


InfoLibrarian Portal™ Features at a Glance

  • Keyword searching (easy search) similar to internet search engine.
  • Advanced searching and drill through analysis.
  • All portal search results are automatically categorized.
  • Intuitive intelligent highlighting of matches within search results.
  • Interactive ad-hoc sorting of all results in the portal.
  • Impact analysis reports (shows all points of impact) with drill-through.
  • Occurrences reports (identify redundancies).
  • Change reports (what changed).
  • Full audit reports (who made the changes).
  • Data lineage analysis (Where did it come from).
  • Ad-hoc and real-time searching.
  • SQL Query Builder for advanced ad-hoc searches.
  • Graphical drill-through business subject areas and categories views.
  • 100% customizable because you get the web source.
  • Flexible enough to write your own reports using your own reporting tools.
  • Blazing speed even against massive repositories.
  • Print all results with one click.
  • Contribution and collaboration, suggest changes for approval workflow.

InfoLibrarian Server™ Portal Framework

The InfoLibrarian™ portal framework provides rich templates that provide the customizability to integrate our portals within your intranet solution. Each portal is shipped with templates that can be easily modified and once completed, are selected via the control center interface for managing portal sites.

The portal framework also enables administrators to create and manage new or additional portal sites and even point those sites to other copies of the metadata marts. This is ideal for creating development - test - production scenarios and provides subsets of metadata to particular business groups via marts.

InfoLibrarian Portal™ Functions

  • Business subject area taxonomy navigation.
  • Keyword searching.
  • Advanced searching.
  • Viewing history.
  • Viewing occurrences.
  • Impact analysis.
  • Lineage analysis vs. business lineage views.
  • Collaboration features.
  • Role and membership based security (integrated windows AD).
  • Document searching (unstructured documents such as PDF and Word) plug in search appliance.

Business Portal

The Business sub-portal provides the most common elements required to quickly deploy a business metadata view to your users. The business portal is pre-set to filter common business elements and present results in a more business centric fashion. The business portal can also be tweeked using the built-in template, or it can be used as a basis for a more customized business metadata portal for a specific subject area.

Read more about business metadata.

Business Metdata

InfoLibrarian Enterprise Control Center™

The InfoLibrarian Enterprise Control Center™ is a web portal for InfoLibrarian™ administration in enterprise scenarios and multi-user environments. The control center also provides a web portal for managing and monitoring auto-scanning. This portal is usually locked down on IIS Server and requires a user account to access it, typically a solution administrator.

Change Management Portal and Contribution Fully Integrated

Are role securable web based data entry screens for the contribution of changes from different users and groups, within your environment. The changes can be posted to change management, auto-approved or set to require change management approval via catalog settings. The change managers and contributors permissions are set to contribute, approve, deny, or publish changes.

Custom Portals + Custom MetaMarts™

Portal customization of additional portals and portal results can be accomplished by modifying the many templates and settings provided with the portal framework. The default portal installation includes a subfolder called "custom templates" which provides the basic templates that may be copied and modified and set to override key areas of the portal. Optionally, you can copy the entire portal to create a new custom site. All custom templates and portal sites are managed via the InfoLibrarian Enterprise Control Center™ menu option in the web portal.

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